How Much Does it Cost to be a DirectBuy Member?

How Much Does it Cost to be a DirectBuy Member? thumbnail
DirectBuy offers great deals on household appliances to its members, but it may not be the best option for you.

DirectBuy is a company that offers great prices on many household necessities, such as appliances, cabinets and electronics. However, you must be a DirectBuy member to purchase these items at their discounted rates. You should carefully consider your options before purchasing a DirectBuy membership.

  1. Cost

    • The only way to learn the exact cost of a DirectBuy membership is to attend an open house at a DirectBuy showroom. However, members have said the initial cost is between $3,500 and $5,000 (plus tax). This covers a DirectBuy membership for two to three years. After this introductory period, dues of around $200 per year are required to maintain membership.

    Additional Fees and Stipulations

    • In addition to the membership fees and dues, DirectBuy adds delivery and handling fees to every item you purchase. Also, you are not allowed to see the items DirectBuy offers for purchase until you have paid for a membership. This makes it difficult to shop around for the best deal.


    • While many DirectBuy customers say they are completely satisfied with the company, others are not. You may have to purchase a lot from DirectBuy to recoup your membership costs. Do your research before making a large financial investment.

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