What Is a Preschool Teacher's Role in Learning?

A preschool teacher's role is vital in children's lives, providing their first teacher and classroom experience and preparing them for kindergarten. Preschool teachers must recognize that every child learns differently and should strive to accommodate varying needs.

  1. Social and Emotional Needs

    • For many children, entering the preschool classroom is their first close interaction with other children in an educational environment. Preschool teachers must recognize and value each student's personality and work with them to develop and improve social and emotional skills. The preschool teacher must provide structure for effective learning and guidance so the students will know how to conduct themselves in a classroom setting.

    Language and Reading

    • Preschool teachers are important influences on a child's language and reading development, and learning the "ABCs" is only the beginning. Preschool teachers need to encourage a love of books and reading as well as comprehension, listening, writing and speaking skills.

    Basic Health and Safety

    • Preschool age is anywhere from two to five years old; therefore, students sometimes need help with basic living tasks. A preschool teacher often assists students with using the bathroom, washing their hands, providing basic first aid, and much more. The teacher must address these issues before effective learning can take place.

    Motor Skills

    • Fine motor skills (such as picking up a small toy with the thumb and forefinger) and gross motor skills (such as running and jumping) are important parts of a child's learning and development, and preschool teachers must incorporate learning strategies to foster and improve these skills, which are essential for life and education beyond preschool.

    Kindergarten Preparation

    • Preschool teachers strive to prepare students for kindergarten. They often have close professional relationships with educators in primary and elementary schools so they know what is expected of students in a kindergarten environment. Many preschool teachers evaluate students' progress and provide learning feedback to parents during parent-teacher conferences.


    • Preschool teachers must encourage students' creativity as a way of learning and expressing themselves. Art, music, dance and skits are just a few learning strategies that preschool teachers use to encourage individual expression.

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