What Are the Causes of Pain in the Upper Hip or Waist Area?


Many kinds of illnesses or injuries can cause pain in the upper hip or waist area. Bone problems, muscle strains or organ problems may all require medical treatment.

Muscular Strain

  • The groin, the area between the waist and hips, contains muscles called adductors. Strains or tears to these muscles, or to a muscle in your back or side, can cause pain and stiffness.

Inguinial Hernia

  • Sometimes the lower abdominal wall develops a weak point that allows a section of the small intestine to push its way into the abdominal cavity, a painful condition known as inguinial hernia.

Skeletal Pain

  • Hip or spinal joints may develop painful arthritis or bursitis as the protective cushioning between bone surfaces wears out. Bone fractures or cancer can also cause hip pain, according to MayoClinic.com.

Organ Problems

  • In some cases an internal organ may alert you to a problem with pain in the lower abdomen, indicating possible appendicitis, diverticulitis or even an ectopic pregnancy.


  • Not all hip or waist-area pain indicates a crisis, but people who suffer hip pain from an injury or unremitting abdominal pain accompanied by other symptoms should seek immediate medical care.

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