What is the Difference Between Supertunia and Wave Petunias?


Always one of gardeners' favorite annuals, petunias now come in newer varieties offering even more spectacular shows of color than ever before. The Wave Petunia and Supertunia are among those available at nurseries in the spring.

The Wave

  • Wave petunia variety has become more and more popular since its introduction in the 1990s. It comes in three sizes: Tidal, the largest flower; Shock, the smaller flower; and Easy, a spreading plant.

Features of the Wave

  • Garden experts seem to agree that the Wave petunia was developed primarily as a ground cover. It may become overgrown in late summer and require pruning.

Wave propagation

  • The Wave petunia is propagated with seeds and tends to grow a huge root system. The root ball may be a problem in baskets and planters.

The Supertunia

  • The Supertunia is the most recent development in petunias. It too comes in many colors and sizes, as well as in single and double blossoms.

Supertunia features

  • The Supertunia variety adapts better to planting in pots than the Wave because it drapes easily over the sides and grows very large without developing the massive root system of the Wave.

Supertunia propagation

  • The Supertunia is propagated with cuttings, thus preserving its quality and vigor.

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