What Is a Ship's Rigger?


A ship's rigger, according to Webster's Collegiate dictionary, is "a person who works with hoisting tackle and the like." Ship riggers need to have excellent physical strength, control and endurance. Ship riggers control both machines and heavy items. Ship riggers have to be able to work quickly at times.


  • Ship riggers arrange and repair rigging for ships and shipyards. Traditionally, riggers in general also work for construction agencies, manufacturing plants, logging yards and the entertainment industry.


  • Ship riggers align, level and anchor machinery. They attach rigging to loads for support and to get them ready for moving. Ship riggers are responsible for attaching pulleys and blocks in order to fix overhead structures like beams and ceilings. They also control heavy equipment through narrow openings and doorways, and small spaces. Ship riggers have to be able to take apart and store heavy-duty equipment.

Additional Duties

  • Ship riggers direct other workers who are hoisting and moving loads. Riggers are responsible for keeping workers and materials safe.


  • Ship riggers use hand tools and power tools, bolts and clamps. Other equipment include chain falls, gin poles and gallows frames.


  • Ship riggers are well versed on the design, use, maintenance and repair of machines and tools. They stay current on policies, procedures and strategies; and they have knowledge of physical principles.

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