Scooter Vs. Car


Those considering owning a scooter are usually tempted by thoughts of lower gas bills and cruising through the streets in warm spring weather. However, other factors should be considered when making the decision whether to own a car or a scooter.

Passenger Count

  • Because scooters can only hold one person (perhaps two), people with large families or pets might want to opt for a car instead. On the other hand, a scooter is a good choice for college students or singles seeking transportation for one.


  • A Vespa provides no refuge from harsh snow, rain, sleet or the hot sun. Bev Brinson and Bryce Ludwig mention in their book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Owning a Scooter” that high altitude can slow acceleration and negatively affect performance. If you live in a region where rain or snow is common several months of the year, you might prefer the shelter afforded by a roofed car.


  • Insurance, gas and the purchase costs of scooters tend to be lower than those of a car. Maintenance, however, can be comparable in costs.

Space and Stowage

  • The trunk of most scooters will hold just one or two bags of groceries. Though a basket or add-on trunk might double this space, musicians with large instruments, people with camping gear or anyone else requiring a large trunk will find the amount of stowage space on a scooter unsatisfactory.


  • The risk of riding a scooter is mitigated by wearing a helmet, but the safety of an enclosed vehicle trumps the openness of a scooter.

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