The Importance of Self Assessment in Organizational Behavior

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In the study of organizational behavior, personality assessments can reveal how well a person will fit within the framework and structure of the organization, thereby determining the organizational behavior within the workplace.

What is Organizational Behavior?

According to the November 2006 issue of “Journal of Organizational Behavior Management,” organizational behavior has to do with how people behave in an organization, and how their behavior affects the organization’s performance.

What is a Self Assessment?

A self assessment is a way of revealing your personality and behavioral type, by answering a series of questions. These assessments only work when participants answer questions truthfully. Scoring systems are built into the assessments to conclude personality and behavioral types.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

The Myers-Briggs assessment provides a comprehensive analysis on personality traits, including introversion and extroversion types. The March 2003 issue of “The Reference Librarian” explains that the Myers-Briggs personality typology is one of the most commonly used self assessment tools in the workplace.

DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment, which stands for Dominance, Interactive, Steadiness and Cautious, is a comprehensive analysis of one’s behavioral style. DISC assessments are especially useful for understanding leadership styles within an organization.


Self assessments are beneficial because they create awareness about personality and behavioral types, which can be used to determine how people fit within an organization, what their communication styles are, if they make effective leaders and how they influence organizational behavior.

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