What Is an Omni Directional Antenna?

An omnidirectional antenna is an antenna that sends or receives signals in all directions equally. It is also called a "non-directional" antenna since it does not favor any particular direction.

  1. Signal Pattern

    • The signal pattern for omnidirectional antennas is circular. That is because it works with signals from any direction, thus giving it the ability to work uniformly in a perpendicular plane.

    Omnidirectional Antenna vs. Bidirectional Antenna

    • Omnidirectional antennas differ from bidirectional antennas, which send or receive signals from two directions.

    Omnidirectional Antenna vs. Unidirectional Antenna

    • Omnidirectional antennas also differ from unidirectional antennas, which only work with signals coming from one direction.


    • Omnidirectional antennas have the upper hand over the other antennas in that they can deal with signals from any direction.


    • Signal strength is uniform with omnidirectional antennas, while bidirectional and unidirectional ones have the ability to strengthen signals while eliminating unwanted ones.

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