Ant Crafts for Kids


Ants are insects that are usually black or brown in color. Ants are considered to be social insects that live in colonies otherwise known as anthills. For kids interested in ants, there are a variety of crafts they can make to celebrate these fascinating creatures.

Ants on a Log

  • Ants on a log can be made by spreading peanut butter on a piece of celery to represent a log and topping with raisins to represent ants.

Egg Carton Ant

  • To make an egg carton ant, cut off three sections of a cardboard egg carton. Then paint it black or brown and add matching pipe cleaner antennas and legs when the paint is dry. Eyes can be drawn on or wiggly eyes can be glued on.

Thumbprint Ants

  • Thumbprint ants can be made by first drawing a picture of an anthill on a piece of paper. Next, thumbs need to be dipped in black or brown paint, and thumbprints should be made on the paper. Legs and eyes can be drawn on the thumbprint ants.

Sandy Ants Hill

  • To make a sandy ants hill, glue should be spread out on a piece of paper and sand sprinkled over the paper. When the glue dries, raisins can be added to represent ants.

Clay Ant

  • Clay ants can be made by using a black or brown clay and copper wire. Three balls should be formed and carefully put together. Copper wire can be inserted in the first ball to form antennas. The second and third balls are the body of the ant, and three pieces of wire will need to be inserted on each side. Eyes can be added if desired.

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