Endometrial Ablation Infections

Endometrial ablation is a procedure used for treatment in women with excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding. There is a slight risk of infection caused by the procedure, according to MedicineNet.com.

  1. Procedure

    • In an endometrial ablation, doctors destroy a layer of the the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) to reduce or stop menstrual bleeding. The doctor will dilate the cervix and insert the surgical instruments into the uterus.


    • According to Dr. Don Wescott in his article on Just the Berries for Family Physicians, "Patients with infection generally present several days or a few weeks later feeling generally unwell, with severe low back ache and a foul vaginal discharge."


    • Broad spectrum antibiotics are used to treat an infection after an endometrial ablation, according to Wescott. Antibiotics may be given through an IV.


    • If the infection in the uterus is not treated immediately, it can spread to the fallopian tubes and into the pelvis. Pelvic inflammatory disease can result, causing infertility.


    • Some doctors will be prescribe prophylactic antibiotics before the surgery to help prevent infection after endometrial ablation.

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