Unemployment & Depression

People who are unemployed for a certain period of time can develop depression as a result. There are certain symptoms to look for to help determine if someone is suffering from depression due to unemployment.

  1. Significance

    • According to the website 4therapy.com, when someone loses their job, they may experience unemployment depression within the first six months.


    • Unemployment depression can be characterized by headaches and stomachaches. A person can also become easily agitated and experience exhaustion.


    • According to Unemploymentdepression.com, individuals experiencing depression will shy away from hobbies, activities and other interests that they used to enjoy.

    Overcoming Depression

    • The key to beating unemployment depression is staying busy. Map out a game plan or strategy to help you find a job. Make sure you do something every day concerning your job search. Exercising can also help offset depression.


    • Try to stay socially active. Go to different coffee shops and hang out. Make it a habit to hang out with friends and family whenever possible.

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