African American Wrap Hairstyles

African American hair wraps are a relaxed and convenient way to maintain the hair by brushing hair in a circular motion around the head. Hair wraps are best styled when hair holds a straight perm, is relaxed, or is flat-ironed.

  1. Purpose

    • Hair wraps help to straighten the hair, and keep it smooth, shiny, and healthy.


    • Tools needed for dry wraps, wet wraps and roller wrap sets are a wide-tooth comb, a bristle soft brush, a hooded hair dryer, a hair scarf, setting lotion and optional hair clips. Hair rollers are needed for a roller wrap set, and hair sheen is optional for a dry wrap.

    Dry Wrap

    • This is a simple wrap worn usually overnight. A scarf is placed on the head to keep the wrap in place.

    Wet Wrap

    • A wet wrap is often done in hair salons because a hooded dryer is needed. This style adds a straighter texture to the hair after the setting lotion dries into the hair.

    Roller Wrap Set

    • A roller wrap set is similar to a wet wrap except the hair is set in rollers. This style adds body to the hair.

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