Boric Acid for Ticks

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Boric acid kills ticks.

Since ticks usually live outdoors and away from the home, it can be difficult to protect yourself and pets from potentially life-threatening tick bites. Boric acid offers a relatively non-toxic way to protect your home and yard from tick infestations.

  1. Function

    • Boric acid kills ticks by sticking to their legs and causing dehydration and poisoning of the food supply when they return to the colony.


    • Many commercial tick and other insect control products contain boric acid as the “secret ingredient.” This naturally white, powdery substance is odorless and more environmentally friendly than most insecticides.


    • Sprinkle boric acid in your home and yard or places where you know ticks are located. By creating a layer that ticks must crawl over, you will ensure the substance will reach the nervous system.


    • Apply boric acid to an embedded tick to kill and remove the tick. Boric acid also works as a disinfectant and wound healing agent once the tick is removed.


    • While boric acid is a relatively nontoxic chemical, it may damage or kill plants and plant roots. It is also toxic when consumed in large doses by children and animals.

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