What Are the Dangers of Electromagnets?


Most electromagnets are very safe. The strongest ones, however, create hazards from high forces, electric currents and stored energy. These problems are well-known and can be managed with careful design and use.


  • Some electromagnets are so strong that they pull in any loose metal. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnets are strong enough to injure or kill from flying metal objects.


  • The large electric currents used by strong electromagnets generate heat. Some magnets may require water cooling. If the cooling fails, the magnet might become a burn hazard, short itself out or catch fire.


  • Electromagnets can store a lot of energy in their magnetic field. If the electric current is interrupted or reversed suddenly, the energy will discharge, and can burn or melt switches and wiring.


  • The strongest electromagnets, used in research, store explosive amounts of energy. They also create large internal and external stresses. These magnets can fail explosively.

Medical Device Interference

  • The field of a strong electromagnet can interfere with pacemakers and other electronic medical devices. The field can cause the device to fail or wrench it out of its proper place in the body.


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