Why Wear Spandex While Playing Volleyball?


Volleyball is a high-energy sport that requires quick decisions and often asks players to dive and contort their bodies in many different ways. Wearing spandex can help female volleyball players feel comfortable and safe on the court during a game.


  • Throughout a volleyball match players stretch, jump and do whatever it takes to reach the ball. Wearing spandex allows a player to move within the flow of the game without requiring constant "fixing" of shorts or other clothing.


  • Spandex allows for more free range of motion without the fear of loss of integrity of the waistline. Players need to not worry if their shorts are at the proper place while they're running around the court.


  • Oftentimes a volleyball player will dive for a loose ball. Spandex is form-fitting and allows for sliding and protection from the hardwood whereas regular shorts could potentially move out of the way and allow for court burns and skin sticking the floor.


  • Players often need to crouch very low to "dig" a ball hit by an opponent. Wearing spandex eliminates the possibility of shorts getting in the way of an awkwardly placed fist or pair of hands aiming to hit a low ball.


  • Although spandex is tight, it does protect a player's privacy in case she falls down with her legs in the air. Shorts can fall loosely while spandex stays in place and protects the player's privacy.

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