Preying Mantis Symbolism


The praying mantis is symbolic in many cultures and each has different beliefs about its meaning. states that the praying mantis was named the official state insect for Connecticut in 1977.

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The praying mantis was a symbol of God to the African bushmen, according to They believed it was a manifestation of God, and when they saw one, they tried to discern its message.

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The praying mantis is symbolic of spirituality. The word "mantis" is a Greek word that means "prophet," and is a reference to mystical or spiritual powers, states

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According to, the praying mantis relates to stillness, quiet, calm, patience and balance. It is noted that the mantis does not move until it is certain that the movement is an appropriate action. Because of this apparent deliberative quality, it has become a symbol for contemplation and meditation.

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LuminaStock/iStock/Getty Images indicates that Turkish and Arabic cultures believed that the praying mantis points toward Mecca. It is also believed to assist in finding lost goats and sheep in Africa.

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According to, a dream about a praying mantis is indicative of either a destructive relationship or that you are being devious.

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