Potted Plants That Symbolize Good Luck


People have always looked for ways to increase their luck, from rabbit's feet to four leaf clovers. House plants have joined the ranks of things said to bring good luck or fortune to those who own them.

Bamboo Plants

  • Lucky Bamboo plants are not bamboo but members of the lily family whose botanical name is Dracaena. In Feng-Shui applications, three bamboo stalks represent happiness, longevity and wealth, five stalks are for wealth alone, six are for luck, seven are for good health, eight are for growth and ten are for completion. Joy's Florist notes that twenty-one stalks are given for a very powerful blessing.

Ti Plant

  • Early Polynesians believed the Ti plant had mystical powers. It was believed to dispel evil spirits and, if planted around the house, to bring good fortune.

Money Tree

  • The money tree, whose botanical name is Pachira Aquatica, is used in Feng Shui design to produce positive energy flow. The plant usually has several plants "braided" together, but ensure that there are three to five, and not four, braided plants because four is bad luck. The leaves must have five or more "fingers" to be lucky.


  • Clovers are of genus Trifolium repens and are known as white clover. The early Celts used them to ward off evil, and St. Patrick later used the leaf to demonstrate the Holy Trinity. In the clover leaves, one leaf represents faith, the second hope, the third love and the fourth luck.

Jade plants

  • According to Feng Shui lore, plants with rounded leaves are sure to bring good fortune to those that grow them. Jade plants, with their rounded leaves, are particularly successful in doing so.

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