What Are the Suction Cups Used for on the Tentacles of a Squid?


Squid use their tentacles for hunting prey. Both of the tentacles have suction cups at the end of the long, thin arm that strikes out and captures prey. The squid uses the tentacles to pass the prey to the arms, which are only half the length of each tentacle, and the arms direct the prey to the squid's mouth. Squids hunt and dine on fish, crustaceans, marine worms and even other squid.

Squid Suction Cups

Suction cups are not only found at the end of a squid's tentacles, they also line all eight of the squid's arms. Each suction cup is lined with sharp teeth around the ring to help the squid better grasp its prey. Each suction cup has a short stalk that attaches it to the arm or tentacle.

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