Apple Corporation's Impact on Technology


Apple Inc. began in 1976 as a small business run by a couple of college dropouts who liked to hang out at the now-legendary Homebrew Computer Club. Yet the two key founders of the company--Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs--turned the little company into a technological giant.


  • Apple, Inc, was founded by Steve "Woz" Wozniak, a college computer hacker, and Steve Jobs, one of the first 50 employees at Atari. Woz became intrigued by the Altair 8800 computer, one of the first microcomputers, and decided to build his own, which became the Apple I, one of the first personal computers to be sold completely assembled.


  • Apple's computers became known for their user friendly interface. While most other computer companies focused on selling to big businesses, Apple targeted home users, which led to a string of influential computers using a graphical interface. (See References 1)


  • Apple's impact does not rest totally in computers, however. Apple later developed the iPod, a portable digital music player which, according to the website iPod History, "revolutionized the entire music industry", (See References 2) and the iPhone, a cell phone which was, to quote Wired magazine, "an explosive device that has forever changed the mobile-phone business." (See References 3)


  • Apple has grown over the years as it continues to succeed and develop more and more technology. Most of the Apple operations and employees are located in the United States, but Apple also outsources manufacturing in China and has engineering locations in Paris and in Tokyo.


  • Apple continues to develop and release innovative and much-copied products, such as the MacBook Air, a computer so thin and light it can fit into a manila envelope, and iTunes, a media player application which lets users not only play music but also download and listen to podcasts and buy songs, movies, TV shows and entire albums through the iTunes store.

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