What Is the Heaviest Noble Gas?


The noble gases are a group of six gases (helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon) found in row 18 of the periodic table. Noble gases react so rarely that most people consider them inert.


  • The noble gases on the period table get heavier the further down the column they are; meaning radon weighs the most out of all currently known noble gases.


  • Radon has an atomic weight of 222 atomic mass units (amu). Atomic weight refers to the number of neutrons and protons contains by a single atom of a molecule.


  • About half of a cubic foot of radon at 76 degrees Fahrenheit and at normal atmospheric pressure weighs 222 grams. Water at the same amount and conditions would weigh 18 grams.


  • Despite being the heaviest known noble gas, radon still readily floats in air; it has an average density of 0.00973 grams per cubic centimeter, although it can compress into a liquid at -62 degrees Celsius and a solid at -71 degrees Celsius.


  • Radon emits radioactive beta and gamma particles that can cause cancer. Except for smoking, radon leads to the most cancer deaths each year.


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