Can Falling on the Floor When Pregnant Hurt the Unborn Baby?

Falling while pregnant rarely affects the unborn baby.
Falling while pregnant rarely affects the unborn baby. (Image: Image by, courtesy of Daniel Lobo)

Pregnant women worry about their unborn babies, and one common concern is what might happen to the baby if the mother falls down while pregnant.


Because of the changes in a pregnant woman's center of gravity and dizziness brought on by pregnancy, falling down is a fairly frequent occurrence for pregnant women.


The baby is generally safe within the womb because of the protection of the walls of the uterus and the amniotic sack, which cushions the baby with fluid to protect him. Even when the mother falls down, the baby is probably safe if no other signs of trauma are noticed.

Warning Signs

If a pregnant woman falls and then experiences contractions, leaking fluid or bleeding, she should immediately call her doctor or head to the hospital because these can be indications of a problem. The biggest danger of falling during pregnancy is the possibility of placental abruption, the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.


It's a good idea to visit a health care provider if the mom-to-be has any concerns, even if she isn't showing signs of damage to the baby. While the likelihood is that the baby is just fine, a checkup can reassure her and lessen stress.


Pregnant women should take care to avoid falls. Taking extra time to walk, avoiding starting a new exercise program and being careful when changing from a rising to a seated position or vice versa can help prevent falls.

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