Facts About Food Chemistry


Food chemistry evaluates the chemical properties of food in order to understand how different substances react with one another, with nonbiological substances and inside of the human body.


  • As people grow increasingly conscious of the effects of the types of food they eat, so does the need to scientifically evaluate the chemistry of food to ensure its safety and quality.


  • Food chemistry must study every component in food, including not only carbohydrates, lipids and protein but also the various vitamins, minerals and other additives that can be put in food.


  • Because people have a tendency to choose food based on taste, flavor is a significant part of food chemistry. This area of study involves understanding how the brain perceives taste in relation to making certain foods, such as health food, taste better.

In Food Processing

  • Food chemistry has a very practical application in food processing by evaluating the changes (both negative and positive) food can undergo when being processed.


  • Food chemistry also seeks to evaluate the various issues surrounding food, such as the consumption of genetically modified foods, organic foods and synthetic alternatives.


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