What Does it Mean If Your Contacts Have White Spots on Them?


The white spots on your contacts can be very uncomfortable and irritating and may lead to various eye problems.


  • Protein deposits cause the white spots on contacts. Human tears are made of lipids and all sorts of other things to include protein. The protein attaches to the contact lens via tears in the form of a jelly-like deposit. Typically, this happens on high-water content soft-contact lenses (non-disposable).


  • When protein deposits get on your lenses, you can suffer from reduced vision, itchiness and the awareness that you are wearing contact lenses.


  • An allergic reaction from these proteins when untreated can cause giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). If this happens, contact lens wear may need to subside until the reaction clears. In severe cases, contact lenses may no longer be an option.


  • Use an enzymatic cleaner weekly to help keep contacts free of protein. Typically, this cleaner is in tablet form. Another option is to use clear care cleaning and disinfecting contact solution.


  • In most cases regular replacement of your contact lenses will help you avoid protein deposits and the discomfort and blurry vision they may create. If after you switch to a frequent replacement contact lens or clean them routinely and you are still unable to keep your lenses free of protein, contact lenses may not be right for you.

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