Immunization Schedule for Goats


Your goat's immunization schedule depends on gender and pregnancy status: Pregnant goats require more frequent vaccination than other caprines. One particular combination vaccine is necessary to protect goats from common diseases, and you'll need to ask your veterinarian whether your goats or herd need other immunizations. For example, the sore-mouth vaccine should be given only to infected animals. Goats aren't necessarily vaccinated for rabies, but in some areas where the fatal disease is common, doing so is a consideration.

Combination Vaccination

  • All goats require an annual vaccination for tetanus, clostridium tetani, and clostridium perfringins, also known as overeating disease. These vaccines are usually given in a subcutaneous combination shot. A pregnant doe should receive the vaccine during late pregnancy but at least two weeks before the kids are due. If she's never kidded before, vaccinate her at six weeks and three weeks before her due date. Kids from vaccinated does receive their first shot at 6 to 8 weeks of age, with a booster three to four weeks later. If the doe wasn't vaccinated, the kids should receive the initial shot earlier, between the ages of 3 to 4 weeks, with the booster given in another three to four weeks. If you don't know the vaccination status of a goat, give it the combination shot with a booster three to four weeks later.

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