What Is Embroidered on a Chef's Coat?


A chef's coat is an important part of a cook's uniform. While generally all chef's coats follow the same pattern and cut, the coat can signify the chef's place of work or education by way of what is embroidered on the front.


  • The most notable item typically embroidered on a chef's coat is the name of the wearer. This will eliminate the need for a name tag and will make it easy for both guests and waitstaff to identify a cook or chef from the kitchen.


  • The place of work can be embroidered. If the company's name is too long, a picture trademark of the company may be used. Stock pictures like a palm tree or golf clubs can also be found to show what kind of establishment it is, like a resort.

Cook Level

  • A level in the traditional brigade system might also be found on a chef's coat. Examples include executive chef, chef de partie, chef de cuisine and sous chef.

Education or Certification

  • If a certification or degree is embroidered on a chef's coat, it is generally found after the name. Degrees include education from culinary schools and certifications include those from professional culinary associations like the American Culinary Federation and the World Association of Chefs Societies.


  • The style of the establishment or the chef may be eluded to by way of the font inscription. For example, Asian-style fonts can be used for the names of cooks in sushi restaurants and elaborate script fonts can be used in white tablecloth restaurants.

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