What Type of Doctor Treats Candida?


Candida or candidiasis is the name used to describe a fungal or yeast infection that generally affects warm and moist skin areas, including the genital areas, mouth and rectum. There are many different types of doctors who can assist in the treatment of this condition.

Family Practice MD

  • For mild cases of candida, family practice physicians will generally prescribe an anti-fungal cream or ointment to be applied to the affected area. Family doctors will refer persistent cases to a specialist.


  • More serious cases of candida can lead to issues with the urinary system. Patients will often go to a urologist with urinary symptoms and also be diagnosed and treated for a yeast infection.


  • Babies and young children will often develop yeast infections due to food allergies, antibiotics, non-sterilized bottles or inadequate hygiene, especially when potty training. Pediatricians will treat these young patients when this occurs.

Homeopathic Physicians

  • Homeopathic physicians prefer to treat patients with alternative methods other than medications. These doctors use natural treatments for candida such as Epsom salt baths and herbal ointments.


  • Persistent or severe cases of candida can mean that the immune system is struggling to fight off certain bacterias in the body. Patients are commonly referred to an immunologist when other treatment options fail.

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