Rabbits & Rose Bushes


Rabbits are a common garden pest that love to eat plants and flowers. Rabbits will happily munch on your rose bushes, too, despite the thorns. However, there are various ways to keep these cute pests from gobbling up your roses.


  • One effective method is setting up live traps to catch the rabbits. Once you nab the rabbits that are eating your roses, you can drive them a few miles away from your roses and release them.


  • If you have an outdoor cat, he can deter rabbits from coming near your garden. However, your cat will have to be outside most of the time for this method to be effective.


  • Surrounding your roses with chicken wire is an effective but unattractive way to keep rabbits from eating your rose bushes.

Key Times

  • Rabbits are most likely to eat your rose bushes in the winter and spring. These are the seasons you want to be most vigilant when cracking down on bunnies.


  • If you put a fence around your garden, make sure you dig down at least 6 inches because rabbits can easily dig under a fence to get to the garden.

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