What Is the Meaning of White Tulips?


The tulip is the world's most favorite flower behind only roses and chrysanthemums, according to Onlyflowers.org. Similar to the top two blooms, tulips can convey many unspoken messages about life, love and relationships, depending on their color and arrangement.


  • Native to Eurasia, tulips were brought to western Europe in 1562 and named "tulipa," the Latin word for turban. Demand for these flowers soon soared, especially in the Netherlands during the 17th century. Historians have dubbed this period "Tulip Mania."


  • Just as roses are associated with romantic love, tulips carry the overall meaning of perfect love.


  • Forgiveness and worth, however, are exclusive to the white tulip, according to the Pro Flowers website. This color is also ideal for funerals and memorials.

Musical Ties

  • The contemporary Christian band Larue borrowed this flower's name for their 2001 song "One White Tulip."

National Flower

  • According to The Flower Expert website, the tulip -- including the white variety -- is the national symbol of four countries: Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands and Turkey.

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