Liquid Plumber & Septic Tanks


Liquid-Plumr offers a quick way to clear clogs that block drainage from reaching the septic tank. While Liquid-Plumr is a trademark of the company, many people refer to it--and similar products--as liquid plumber.


  • The Clorox Company began selling Liquid-Plumr as the original liquid drain opener around 1975.


  • The Clorox Company's list of Liquid-Plumr products includes regular Liquid-Plumr, foaming pipe snake, power jet instant clog remover and professional strength cleaning products.


  • According to the Clorox Company, Liquid-Plumr dissolves fast enough that the solution will not damage the healthy bacteria found in a septic tank.


  • While Liquid-Plumr helps to remove clogs from your pipes, it does not have the ability to dissolve tree roots, which can grow into a septic system and cause plumbing issues. To correct this type of problem, call a plumber or purchase a product designed to eliminate tree roots.


  • Even if you use a septic tank additive, the Environmental Protection Agency still recommends pumping your septic tank to keep it in optimal working condition.

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