What Is a Yorkie & Toy Poodle Mix?


If you cross a Yorkshire terrier and toy or miniature poodle, the result is a hybrid dog called a Yorkipoo. This crossbreed dog ideally combines the best traits of both breeds. With good care, expect your Yorkipoo to share your life for 15 years or more.


  • Like his parent breeds, the Yorkipoo isn't a good choice for small children. Although he's friendly, this little dog is simply too fragile for very young children, and he could snap at them to protect himself. He makes a fine companion for older kids who know how to properly treat a small dog.

Size and Weight

The Yorkipoo's size depends on whether the poodle parent was a miniature or toy. At maturity, Yorkshire terriers don't weigh more than 7 pounds. There's no official height limit in the breed standard, but Yorkies generally stand between 9 and 10 inches tall at the shoulder. Toy poodles stand 10 inches or less at the shoulder, while miniature poodles range between 11 and 15 inches tall. While a Yorkipoo crossed with a toy poodle will likely stand 10 inches high or less, a dog with a miniature poodle parent will probably be a few inches bigger.

Coat and Color

The Yorkipoo usually sports the tight, non-shedding curly hair of the poodle, possibly with the blue and tan colors of the Yorkie. However, poodles come in many shades, and your Yorkipoo might be virtually any hue. Of course, the Yorkipoo may have the silkier hair of the Yorkshire terrier.

Grooming Your Yorkipoo

Grooming depends on the type of coat your Yorkipoo inherits. If his coat is poodle-esque, he'll require regular trips to the groomer. If his coat is silkier, you may care for it yourself. With either coat, the Yorkipoo needs a good brushing several times a week.

Friendly Temperament

The Yorkipoo is usually a friendly, playful dog, who should be relatively easy to train thanks to his poodle parentage. On the downside, he may tend to bark a lot. He's a bright little dog who gets along with cats and other canines.

Health Issues

While Yorkipoos are vulnerable to the genetic diseases found in both breeds, their hybrid vigor may make them more resistant than purebred dogs. Possible health issues include:

  • Collapsing trachea: Help avoid this problem by always walking your Yorkipoo with a harness and leash rather than a leash attached to the collar.
  • Orthopedic problems: Yorkipoos may suffer from slipped kneecaps or Leggs-Calve-Perthes disease, which requires surgical correction.
  • Hypothyroidism: A daily thyroid pill can relieve this condition, which involves insufficient thyroid hormone production.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: This eye disease eventually results in blindness. 

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