The Best Certification for Sports Nutrition

The field of sports nutrition is becoming immensely popular, with athletes in many sports hiring nutritionists to help them gain a competitive edge. Many people are looking to get into this industry, as it is fun, exciting and allows many people to get back into the world of sports to earn a living.

  1. NASN

    • When looking for certification, you need to find a nationally accredited company to provide a certification. The National Association of Sports Nutrition is one such entity. This certification requires prior experience or knowledge of the field.


    • The International Sports Sciences Association offers a sports nutritionist certification in which the test and materials are all done at home. This company is well-respected and offers its customers the option of studying and taking the test on their own time.


    • The National Exercise & Sport Trainers Association is designed for individuals already in the health and fitness industry. The fitness nutrition coach certification is an intense program designed to further enhance the health care professional's ability to provide better results for clients.


    • The American Fitness Professionals & Associates organization offers a sports nutritionist consultant certification. In this program, you will not only learn the basics of nutrition and how to design a diet, but you will also learn the psychological side of the business.


    • The National Federation of Professional Trainer sports nutrition specialist certification is designed as an added educational and marketing ploy for current trainers. This certification offers education of nutrition from the time food enters the body to the time it leaves, and everything in between.

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