Is it OK to Chew Gum With Dental Bridges?

Gum chewing is a relatively guilt-free pleasure enjoyed by many. If you've lost teeth or had teeth extracted and have since been fitted with a dental bridge, you may be wondering if that pleasure is still available to you.

  1. Composition

    • Most often dental bridges are acrylic or porcelain, which makes them appear real and which makes them fairly sturdy. The surface of a new dental bridge, however, tends to be less resistant to sticky substances.

    Initial Adjustment

    • When the bridge is new, try to avoid sticky foods, including chewing gum, until you've had time to adjust.

    Once Adjusted

    • Once you've adjusted to the bridge, you can try chewing gum.

      While chewing gum often sticks to new dentures, it usually doesn't stick to dentures that have been worn for a few months.


    • Sugarless gum is less likely to stick to bridges than sugared gum.

      Wrigley's Freedent Gum is marketed as a gum that won't stick to dentures, though you may find that any gum is fine after the initial adjustment period.


    • The same recommendation regarding chewing gum applies to dental bridge wearers as applies to people with natural teeth. Brush after chewing.

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