What Can You Grow in a Topsy Turvy?


Your Topsy Turvy planter arrived in today's mail and you can't wait to start growing vegetables in it. These guidelines will help you find the best seedling for that upside-down planter.

Look for shallow root plants.

  • There isn't much room for root growth and expansion in the Topsy Turvy Planter, so look for plants with a shallow root system. Varieties that grow well in hanging planters should do well in a Topsy Turvy if they are given proper sunlight and watered daily. A few examples include morning glories, impatients, petunias, herbs and lettuce.

Search for plants that produce smaller fruits and vegetables.

  • When studying labels, look for seedling names that include words like "tiny," "dwarf," "pygmy," "micro," "miniature" or "compact." These plants produce miniature versions of their garden-grown cousins. Larger fruits and vegetables may weigh down and break your plant's stems before their harvest is ripe.

Seek plants that grow well in containers.

  • Some plants require a lot of space and won't thrive in the small environment of the Topsy Turvy. Ask the master gardener at your university extension service for advice on the best container plants for your region and climate.

Look for plants that don't require alot of water.

  • Water evaporates quickly from the Topsy Turvy planter, so consider plants that thrive with drier soil. Or plan to check your plants frequently and water them once or twice a day as needed.

A few varieties that grow best in the Topsy Turvy.

  • Tomatoes: cherry and grape tomatoes. Varieties include Roma, Tiny Tim and Pixie.

    Eggplant : miniature and egg shaped fruit. Varieties include Baby Bambino, Calliope, Fairy Tale and Hansel.

    Beans: pole and bush beans work well; be sure to harvest vegetables frequently. Varieties include Tendergreen, Purple Teepee, Blue Lake and Kentucky Blue.

    Peppers: plants that produce small fruit. Varieties include chili, cayenne, Mini Belle, Golden Baby Belle, Patio Bell, Thai Dragon and Habanero.

    Lettuce: small leaf lettuces. Varieties include Tom Thumb and Butterhead.

    These are just a few suggestions. Your local garden center or master gardener will have more suggestions appropriate to your region, growing season and climate.

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