Where Can You Put Diaper Ointment on a Girl?


Because a little girl's urinary system is more exposed, making the area more prone to irritation and infection than a little boy's, diapering her is different, too.


  • Clean your baby's diaper area from front to back, and pat dry.

Amount of Ointment

  • Place diaper rash ointment in your hand, keeping in mind that applying too much could cause leakage. It should be room temperature or above.

The Vaginal Area

  • Spread ointment on your baby girl's vaginal area anywhere the skin is visible to your eye--the flat outer area, and labia majora (outer lips). Never insert the ointment into the baby's vagina, or anywhere the skin is naturally a darker red.

The Bottom

  • Spread the ointment sparingly over your baby girl's bottom, as you would a boy's.


  • You may also spread ointment along the creases (or folds) of the baby's skin.


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