Leg Bone Cancer Symptoms


When cancer develops in the bone, it is referred to as primary bone cancer. This type of cancer is relatively uncommon in comparison with metastatic or secondary cancer, which occurs initially in an organ and then spreads to the bone tissue. Bone cancer occurs primarily in the long bones of the arms and legs. .


  • Pain in the leg is the most common symptom of bone cancer. It will gradually build and become a constant pain. It is generally worse at night or when the leg is being used. Over time, it may cause a limp.


  • Swelling in the leg may occur after a few weeks. A lump or mass in the leg may also be present.


  • Most of the time, bones in which cancer develops do not break, although the cancer does weaken the bone. When a bone fractures, it is usually described as a sudden severe pain in the limb that had been sore for a few months.

Weight Loss and Fatigue

  • Weight loss and fatigue may be experienced in conjunction with bone cancer.

Other Organs

  • When the cancer spreads to other organs, additional symptoms may occur. For example, if the cancer spreads to the lungs, difficulty breathing may be experienced.

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