What Vitamin Would Help Make Nails Stronger & Not Split?


Nails that split and crack are annoying and unattractive. There is no single formula to prevent nails from splitting. The key to maintaining healthy nails is a combination of vitamins, minerals and re-evaluating your own habits.

Causes of Splitting

  • Nail splitting may be a result of onychoschizia and a lack of nurients. Onychoschizia is a constant wetting and drying of the nails, which can cause splitting.

Nail Health

  • Fingernails need a steady flow of oils to stay healthy. Calcium and Vitamins B, C and E are all great for maintaining nail health.


  • Fingernails also need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Maintaining a balanced diet with healthy amounts of fish, chicken and red meat can help prevent nail splitting.


  • Having a manicure once a month can help prevent nail splitting. A manicure can help stimulate blood flow to the nails via hand massage. Also, the nail oils used during a manicure can help replace vital nutrients.

Personal Habits

  • Your habits can help prevent nail splitting. Wear gloves when doing dishes or other household chores involving water or chemicals. And avoid using your nails to open and scrape things.

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