Can You Use Actual Bleach on Your Teeth?


With white teeth being a sign of health in today's society, bleaching products are becoming increasingly popular. Although these products are referred to as "bleaching," they do not actually contain bleach.


  • Common household bleach is a toxic substance made of a various chemicals. Although it has the ability to help clean and whiten, if placed in the mouth, bleach can cause serious damage to the tissues of the mouth, and can also wear away the enamel on your teeth. Even watered down, bleach can be toxic to the human body.

Products with Bleach

  • Although straight bleach is not to be used directly in your mouth, there are many products available on the market that have the ability to bleach your teeth, such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. These products can be found in numerous toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Bleaching Strips

  • Another product you can try to bleach your teeth are bleaching strips. Bleaching strips are placed on the teeth for a specified amount of time and then removed. Used over a period of a couple weeks, they can help whiten your teeth.

Bleaching trays

  • Another option for gaining whiter teeth is bleaching trays. Bleaching trays come in three kinds: disposable pre-filled trays; semi-custom trays that have been heat molded; and custom dental lab made trays.

Dentist Whitening

  • For the fastest and most effective results, talk to your dentist about dental whitening. Although more expensive than other bleaching products, dental whitening can help quickly remove much of the discoloration from your teeth that can occur over time.

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