Testosterone for Dogs


Neutered dogs do not produce testosterone. Neutering is typically performed to prevent unwanted breeding, as well as for some behavior and medical issues. However, there are certain health issues that may dictate that neutered dogs receive testosterone supplementation.


  • Neutering is a simple surgical procedure to remove the testicles of male dogs. Neutering effectively stops the production of testosterone and makes breeding impossible.

Neutering and Health Benefits

  • Neutered dogs have many health benefits, including a reduction in testicular tumors, fewer prostate related diseases, a reduction of perianal tumors, and a smaller number of hernias. These health benefits are all a result of the removal of testosterone from the system.

Testosterone and Behavior

  • Testosterone affects the behavior of dogs. Eliminating testosterone through castration typically results in a reduction of aggression, roaming, and indoor marking.

Testosterone and Urinary Incontinence

  • While there are a multitude of reasons to eliminate testosterone from your male dog, there are some instances where testosterone is advised as a treatment for certain health conditions. Urinary incontinence sometimes stems from the loss of testosterone in the system in neutered dogs. Males suffering from hormone-related urinary incontinence usually improve with a testosterone hormone replacement.

Testosterone for Alopecia

  • Some forms of alopecia (hair loss) are caused by a lack of testosterone and can be effectively treated with a testosterone hormone replacement.

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