The Effects of Eating Buttercup Flowers


Buttercups are herbaceus annuals and perennials which can sometimes be found growing in shallow water depending on the species. Usually, buttercups have 5 petals, but this number can vary by flower type. The petals are either white or yellow in color. The plant contains a toxin by the name of glycosides which is harmful to animals depending on how much of it they eat.


  • There are 400 species of buttercups growing around the world. These tiny plants are found in field and streams on the sides of mountains that reside in warm, humid weather and they also bloom in cold weather climates. Their area of growth changes from species to species.


  • Glycosides toxin's symptoms, if eaten in large amounts, cause the animal to salivate and its mouth to become inflamed. Pains in the stomach and constrictions happen right before the animal dies.


  • Animals tend to avoid eating wild buttercups. It is rare that a cow or pig might become sick unless it eats the plant on a consistent basis. If it does get sick, it usually happens in the spring, according to Purdue University.


  • Buttercup plants have poison on the leaves and stems of fresh flowers.


  • According to Montana Plant, the common Field Buttercup is used as a wart removal; but it can cause blisters on the skin for those who are allergic to the plant.

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