How Long Does it Take to Cure Scabies?


Scabies is a skin condition which is caused by parasites that get under the skin and burrow tunnels. The parasites then lay eggs. It is the eggs combined with the parasites' feces that cause intense and painful itching. There are a few different ways to treat scabies, and the time they take to cure scabies ranges between 24 hours and four weeks.


  • Permethrin is a topical cream that is commonly used to treat scabies. Permethrin is applied to the entire body, usually at night, and rinsed off after 8 to 14 hours. The first treatment of permethrin usually kills the scabies and initial relief will be felt within 24 hours; however, you can still experience itching symptoms for up to four weeks.

Tea Tree Oil

  • While you are waiting for the permethrin to cure the scabies you can also use tea tree oil to alleviate the symptoms. Take a bath with tea tree oil in your bathwater. Apply tea tree oil to the affected areas after the bath and relief should begin immediately.

Calamine Lotion

  • Calamine lotion is a topical that can be used to treat the itching symptoms of scabies. When used, calamine lotion will begin to give relief from the symptoms immediately.

Home Infestation

  • It is important to clean your entire home to cure the scabies as well. You will need to wash all linens, towels, bed sheets and any clothing that may have been exposed to the scabies. Wash in hot water and dry on hot cycle and the scabies will be killed immediately.


  • While it takes almost four weeks to completely rid your system of the symptoms of scabies there are remedies which will temporarily cure the symptoms. These remedies will relieve many of the symptoms immediately, in some cases.

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