American Boxer Dog Urinary Tract Infections

Purebred adult boxer
Purebred adult boxer (Image: Image by, courtesy of Abhay Kushwaha)

The American boxer is an extraordinary breed of dog. It's wonderful with children, good-looking, active and an extremely loyal family pet. No matter how well a dog is bred, there are going to be health issues that are unavoidable. The American boxer is prone to several, including hip dysplasia, allergies and cancer, but this article focuses on urinary tract infections.

What Is a Urinary Tract Infection?

A urinary tract Infection (UTI) in a dog occurs when the immune system is riddled with bacteria. This can be caused by any number of things, but is most commonly associated with your pet having a sip from stagnant water, such as a puddle. If your boxer spends time outside, it may eat something foul, causing the rush of bacteria into the system and a UTI.

Symptoms of UTI in a Boxer

Your boxer may express extreme disinterest in going outside to relieve itself. This doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have to go, but that it is painful to urinate. A boxer with a UTI will also drink far more often, and may have urine that's a brighter yellow than normal.

Treatment for UTI in a Boxer

Boxers are prone to allergies, so most doctors will administer a sensitivity test to figure out the correct antibiotic to use to battle the boxer's UTI. If the illness has been going on for awhile and the UTI has advanced, the antibiotic may be taken for a few weeks to ensure your pet regains its health.

Other Treatments

The best way to ensure your boxer doesn't get a UTI is to prevent it. When your pet is bounding around the yard with that endless energy the breed has, make sure that there's fresh water available.

Other Urinary issues with Boxers

The American Boxer Club recently wrote an article about boxers and urinary incompetence. This can include accidents in the home, urinating when excited or even leaking when sleeping. Many folks may find that these symptoms are false signs of a UTI, so it's important to speak with your vet and breeder about any issues your boxer may have.

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