Facts About L Arginine

L-arginine, often simply referred to as arginine, is a nonessential amino acid naturally produced by the human body. It is manufactured in the pituitary gland and is vital to the proper working of the gland.

  1. Functions of L-Arginine

    • L-arginine metabolizes nitric oxide, a gas that helps control proper cell functions, eases blood flow and helps the body convey essential signals. It also assists in the production and processing of protein.


    • L-arginine can aid the releases of growth hormones, enhance sexual functions and response, help control hypertension and high blood pressure, and improve the performance of the nervous and immune systems.

    Food Sources

    • There are many foods rich in L-arginine. Chicken, nuts, oatmeal, raisins, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and brown rice are all optimal sources of arginine.


    • Though the body typically produces sufficient amounts of L-arginine, it is possible to augment the natural supply by taking supplements. Arginine supplements are widely available.


    • Two to three grams, taken three times daily, is an adequate dosage. Children should not take it as a supplement as it may hinder normal growth.

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