Recovery Time for a Torn Plantar Fascia


A torn or ruptured plantar fascia---the thick connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot---is a serious injury that requires serious treatment and rehabilitation. This injury is a result of the entire plantar fascia ligament becoming torn due to serious stress that caused the ligament to pull away from the heel bone.

Time Frame

  • According to Dr. Stephen M. Pribut, who specializes in podiatric sports medicine, full recovery time for torn plantar fascia typically takes between seven and 12 weeks.


  • The torn plantar fascia is usually treated for one to three weeks in a non-weight-bearing cast and in a total casting for four to six weeks.


  • The plantar fascia can rupture if it is involved in high speed activities. Ill-fitting shoes with soft soles that bend in the arch may also contribute. Athletes such as runners who increase their training substantially in a short period of time can also cause this injury.


  • Symptoms of torn plantar fascia include inflammation, sharp pain and formation of bruises on the affected area.


  • There are exercises that can be done to help prevent injury to the plantar fascia. Toe curls, calf stretches and plantar flexions are all effective in strengthening your foot muscles.


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