Side Effects of Deslorelin Implants in Dogs


Deslorelin implants contain gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue, which causes the pituitary gland to shut down. This prevents the formation of testosterone in male dogs and stops the normal function of ovulation in female dogs. In other words, it's a doggy contraceptive.

Mode of Transmission

  • Deslorelin implants are placed just under the dog's skin between the shoulder blades and can be implanted without anesthetic.

Side Effects

  • Use in young dogs may delay the closing of the long bones resulting in a taller dog. Some dogs may experience weight gain, and, male dogs may begin to lose muscle weight as well as some masculine characteristics. Swelling at the initial site of implant may occur up to 14 days after injection.

Initial Effect

  • The initial effect of the deslorelin implant is a stimulation of the reproductive system, which may cause a heat cycle and ovulation in females or increased production of testosterone and semen in males. This is followed by a decrease in hormones leading to sterilization.


  • Your female may still become pregnant for up to three weeks after the implant is placed; males can be fertile for up to two months or longer due to residual sperm storage.


  • Deslorelin implants should not be used in pregnant or nursing dogs. There are no known problems associated with the use of other medications.

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