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The sparrow is a well-camouflaged bird, typically brown with some striping. Many species of sparrows live in the United States. Sparrows are some of the most difficult birds to identify because of the similarities among species.

A sparrow.
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Some of the more common types of sparrows include the song sparrow, fox sparrow, chipping sparrow, white-throated sparrow and field sparrow.

A field sparrow.
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There are many subspecies of individual types of sparrows, with ornithologists, for example, recognizing 24 subspecies of the song sparrow.

There are many subspecies of song sparrow.
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Most sparrows have a diet that includes seeds and insects. The majority of species forage for food on the ground, scratching away leaves in search of a meal.

Sparrows eat seeds and insects.
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While some sparrow species have a wide distribution, others such as the Baird’s sparrow of the upper Great Plains live in specific parts of the nation.

The Baird's sparrow lives only in the upper Great Plains.
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The house sparrow established itself over all of North America, multiplying from a few birds that people introduced from Europe into New York City's Central Park in 1850. An invasive species, it out-competes native birds for food and nesting sites.

A house sparrow.
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Sparrows typically build their nests low to the ground or on the ground itself, hiding them in tall grass in pastures, fields and prairies.

A sparrow nest may be low to the ground.
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