Different Types of Vans Sneakers


Vans are a popular shoe brand worn by men, women, surfers, people in the skateboard and BMX culture and more. Most of the shoes sport a low-top, slip-on style with rubber soles, but there are other options as well.

Classic Slip-on Vans

  • The classic Vans shoes are very simple, usually only containing one or two colors, and they slip on to the foot without shoelaces. They are intended for casual use.

Skate Vans

  • Vans skate shoes are thicker than the classic slip-ons, providing more comfort and support for skateboarders. They have shoelaces and low tops to provide more ankle movement while skateboarding.

Surf Vans

  • Vans surf shoes can be slip-ons or laced. They are lightweight and slim, with an even thinner sole than other Vans styles. They're designed as beach footwear, meaning socks are not supposed to be worn with them.

Women's Vans

  • Vans makes women's styles of all of their shoes, as well as a "Lifestyle" line that produces more fashion-oriented footwear such as boots and flats. Women's Vans usually have more soft colors such as pink and purple.

Checkerboard Vans

  • The iconic Vans shoe is the checkerboard slip-on. As Nike has its swoosh and New Balance has its "N", the dead giveaway that you're wearing a pair of Vans would be if your kicks are covered in a black and white checkerboard pattern.

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