Is Whey Protein Powder Beneficial for Seniors?


Managing protein consumption as a senior relates to changes in body composition, which come with age. Whey protein powder can be an effective supplement for people who wish to maintain good health into their Golden Years. Differentiate between the separate uses for whey protein, though, prior to committing to any purchase.


  • Whey protein powder is a byproduct of the milk to cheese process. The powder is categorized as concentrate, isolate, and blend according to quality. Whey protein isolate is the premium grade and contains the highest protein content.

Effects of Aging

  • The Whey Protein Institute says that higher levels of protein are required into old age to cope with the risks of muscle degeneration and disease. Further, depression, weakened digestive systems and dental decay related to aging can decrease your appetite for meats and other protein-rich foods. These conditions may be counteracted with whey protein powder.


  • For variety, seniors can substitute whey protein powder within baking recipes that call for flour. Use flavorless whey protein powder in place of 25 to 50 percent of the recipe’s flour requirements, according to taste.


  • Whey protein powder can be mixed with liquids to make shakes for seniors who have difficulty chewing. Additionally, these shakes are ideal for seniors looking to improve fitness levels as part of a liquid protein diet.


  • The Mayo Clinic warns against high protein diets if you suffer from kidney disease. The kidneys must work harder to eliminate unused protein from your body.

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