Reasons College Students Should Join a Club


From newfound independence to being surrounded by people you've never met, heading off to college can be an overwhelming experience. While academics in the classroom are a top priority, much of the learning you do as a college student will take place outside of the classroom. Getting involved on campus and becoming engaged in something you are passionate about with like-minded people can provide lasting benefits.

Building a Connection

  • Joining a club -- whether it be a Greek organization, service club or academic group -- will enable you to connect not only to your school but to a peer group that shares similar interests and goals. Colleges offer many opportunities to network through clubs and organizations, and students who get involved have access to potential mentors, job fair information and other valuable professional resources. The connections you make through college clubs can prove invaluable by potentially leading to lifelong relationships and, in many cases, open the door to career possibilities after graduation.

Building a Career

  • As you continue to grow and collect new experiences at college, you will decide what you want to do once your school career ends. Your college likely offers a club in your field of interest, which will allow you to stay informed through meetings and other gatherings. Many groups bring in guests to speak about topics specific to the club's interests. This can help you stay current in your field boost your classroom performance, according to University of Findlay accounting professor Brent Whickam.

Building a Resume

  • A study released by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators revealed that the average college student is involved in two organizations. Employers will look at your resume, which as a college graduate can be lacking when it comes to work experience. Being involved with clubs on campus shows potential employers that you are personable and well-rounded. If you want to stand out, getting involved can help when it comes to impressing potential employers.

Helping Out

  • Not all reasons to join a club are self-serving. Many groups team up with philanthropic causes by donating time and money. National social fraternity Theta Xi maintains a partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and active brothers raise money throughout the year. These causes allow students to take part in service projects and other charity work, which is vital to the community outside of your college campus. Clubs encouraging this type of charitable work can help build the character of its members and develop good habits that will last long after graduation.

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