Difference Between Antitussive Mucolytic & Expectorant


Cold and flu season is here, but with so many choices in medicines, how do you begin to choose the right one? Figure out exactly what all those complicated drug names mean, and you have won at least half of the battle.


  • The antitussive ingredients in medicines stop you from coughing.


  • Similar to an expectorant, Mucolytic drugs work to thin, loosen and eventually clear your airways of mucus.


  • An expectorant is a medicine that works to thin mucus in the lungs, trachea and bronchi to make it easier to expel it.

Which One?

  • Which one you use will depend on your symptoms. There are several options available in varying combinations to treat different situations.

Prescription Needed?

  • All three types of medicines are available over the counter, making it easy to treat your symptoms at home.

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