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One of the most common symptoms of lupus is foot pain. While the degree of pain is not necessarily an indicator of the severity of the disease, it is helpful to understand the various reasons this may occur with lupus.

Foot pain.
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The Lupus Foundation of America reports that many lupus patients suffer with Raynaud's phenomenon, a disorder in which a lack of blood-flow due to muscle spasms cause numbness, tingling and pain in hands and feet. This condition is often triggered by extreme cold, so care should be taken to keep hands and feet covered and warm at all times.

Protect hands and feet from the cold.
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Although lupus-related arthritis is not usually the same as rheumatoid arthritis, the signs are much alike. Swelling, pain and discomfort of the foot joints seem to bother lupus patients particularly more than many other arthritis patients.

Painful swelling seems to effect lupus patients.
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Hardening of the skin is one side-effect of some of the drugs used to treat lupus. When skin hardens on the feet, painful callouses and bunions often form.

Bunions and callouses may form.
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In vasculitis, blood vessels become inflamed. These blood vessels can break open and bleed. At worst, these ulcerations can then become infected, causing excruciating pain for lupus sufferers.

Broken blood vessls may cause pain.
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A podiatrist may be able to help a lupus patients with foot problems associated with lupus. Wearing well-cushioned shoes can provide the support necessary for comfort. A lupus patient should always wear socks, including at night, to prevent Raynaud's symptoms. As with all of the symptoms of lupus, a rheumatologist should be kept informed of foot discomfort.

A podiatrist may be able to help with foot pain.
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